We don’t need to sleep all night
Music makes us feel alright
In the city streets
In the city streets
Lovers sink in sweet romance
You feel it as you watch them dance
In the city streets
In the city street

(City Streets song lyrics)

A tale of love unfolds in this song, and I have a rough idea of where the concept of this song came from. Some years ago, I met a number of amazing dancers through a talent search competition I entered, some of which became very good friends of mine, and a few of these people became couples and are married today. The hopeless romantic in me just loves these kinds of stories!

City Streets is what I would call the soundtrack of a couple who share a mutual love for dance. It’s a song about a couple that met and fell in love with dance, then with each other. I always pictured them during a night out on the town, leaving revellers at every lounge and street curb in awe as they glide across every avenue like each one of them is a dancefloor, custom-made for them.

This song is one I would love to shoot a music video for, just to see the love story unfold. I often catch myself randomly thinking about the whole shoot concept more than most of our other songs, down to the last detail. This strikes me as well because the lyrical content is limited in this song, which may be a challenge, but I think it also leaves room for interpretation.

City Streets was my first attempt at writing a song that completely focused on dance, while simultaneously telling a love story. When I received the beat, I do not think Jdot or I knew what the song would be about, apart from the name which he had already given beat upon its creation. There’s just something about how two bodies dancing in sync, whether close together or apart. To me, it dancing together is a way in which a man and a woman can express their feelings towards each other. It can take months, or dare I say years for dance partners to study each other’s movements fully, to know the curve of every single body part, its strengths and limitations. Dancing with someone requires not only a knowledge of one’s own body but a good understanding of the person with whom you are dancing with. That is why I believe dance is such a powerful tool. When two (or more) people do it together, it seems to ask us to allow ourselves to do a number of things that could be translated into our relationships, like trusting your partner or understanding their weaknesses for example.