Electronic dance music (EDM) was never my initial choice as a singer, let alone a songwriter, but once I was introduced to the world of house music by the likes of Tunga Afrique and Jdot, my musical taste was not only expanded but writing for EDM would eventually become one of my strengths. Though it’s a dance track, “Beauty” is also a love song. Although I’m not certain what inspired the lyrics, looking back I realise that the song is about wanting, waiting for and maybe even finally meeting ‘the one’, highlighted by the verse and chorus:

You fill me my heart with joy
No other love l will do
I’ll save my heart for you
Yes I will wait for you
Take me to places
I’ve never seen
Ndiwe, ehe
Ndiwe, ehe
You are the air
Now I can breathe
Ndiwe, ehe
Ndiwe ehe

The phrase “Ndiwe, ehe” simply means “It’s you, yes (it is)”, and captures a hope that many of us have: that we will recognise true love when it comes into our lives, as expressed in the bridge:

When I dream you put
Your arms around me
And tell me that
You’re glad you found me

“Beauty” is a declaration of love to my soulmate, whom I may or may not have already met, it could be a glimpse into the future love I have not had the joy of encountering yet. The name “Beauty” expresses another hope, that that love will be filled with splendour and wonder when it does come into my life. It has nothing to do with the person’s appearance, but rather their inner being that shines through as they share their love with me, and me reciprocating that love.

This song is probably my favourite song off of the Pese Pese EP, mainly because of the combination of African instrumentation with electronic music sounds (a common theme in the entire EP), and also how it sounds when performed live. I had the honour of working with amazing choreographers again for the live performance at the Nhaka Yeupenyu concert a few years ago, and although the choreography was challenging, I found that it gave the song even more life.

Credit should be given to the producer Jdot for the musical concept, mixing and mastering this song and every other song on the Pese Pese EP. The arrangement of the music made writing a breeze, but this experience is something I don’t take for granted.

Therefore, the beauty of this song is not only in the words or the message expressed therein but also in the amazing fusion of African and sounds and elements of electronic dance music. The mix of languages (English and a bit of chiShona) also came organically, which to me is the best part of writing songs.