In my dreams
I see your face
Breaking through the dark of my life
I don’t know if all these sleepless nights
Will be worth it someday
Since you’re not here
All I do is ask myself
Where have you gone now
I can’t go on now

You have leftx4
With the pieces of me

When I think of this song, several scenarios pop into my head. One is of someone in a long-distance relationship, who fears that their loved one will not come back to them. This is expressed more clearly in the second verse:

I cherish you
All the memories
You’ll break my heart
If you don’t return

As with most of the songs that I have done with Jdot, “Pieces of me” came almost as a surprise to me. At that time, I knew little of what it was like to be in a long-distance relationship, but I definitely had experienced some heartbreak, so I guess I wrote it more from the vantage point of a person who has been left alone by a lover, for one reason or the other, maybe with no explanation at all. There is a lot of longing expressed in this song, longing for the pain, that is the “sleepless nights” to come to an end, with the hope that the lost love will return.

Another interesting part of this song is the internal conflict expressed in the pre-chorus, which is something I believe a lot of us go through as we deal with heartbreak. For some, there’s some sort of closure or solace when the person one loves leaves for a specific reason, however small or seemingly stupid. But when one is left to figure out these reasons on their own, trying to pick up the pieces (pun intended) can be too heavy a load to bear.

Lastly, our protagonist comes to the realisation that they would do anything to get to their lost love. However, for some reason, it seems our protagonists can’t do that although they long to. This is expressed in the bridge:

If I could I would cross the ocean
Nothing can stop me babe
Nothing can stop me babe
I would do it for you
To prove my lovin’ is true

And this could be because our protagonist genuinely has no means to go to the lover, or maybe they know that the lover will never return, regardless of their deepest hope, or our protagonist is simply sad because the wait for the return of their loved one has gone on for such a long time.

This song is most probably my favourite house music sound, and production-wise it stands as one of Jdot’s greatest musical compositions. It was one of the first songs we released, and yet it stood the test of time, so much so that when we finally shot the music video, the song didn’t seem outdated, on the contrary, the music video breathed new life into the song, narrating the story of a love that once was, but has disappeared for some reason.