You don’t know
What you do to me
Beneath me the floor sinks
And I’m spinning round and round
Spinning round and round
Spinning round and round

(Roundabout song lyrics)

There’s this giddy feeling many of us get when we find ourselves in love, or even have a crush on someone. This chorus came to me almost instantly when stepped into Jdot’s recording booth. I only needed to hear the beat a few times before I knew exactly what the song would be about. Like City Streets, this song focuses a lot on repetition, and it kind of compares the feeling of being in love (or being infatuated with someone) with being on a merry-go-round, then getting off and trying to walk normally. The dizziness we feel from riding the merry-go-round has always been a strange and yet exhilarating experience, and as a child, I was fascinated by how we’d hold on to the bars as it was spun faster and faster by whoever decided to make our day.

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Being on land and feeling like we were going to be thrust in the air was something we probably should have been afraid of, and even that feeling of disorientation we had when we got off (with our hearts beating like crazy) should have kept us away, but instead, we would beg to get on again when the dizziness had gone away. Now that I’m older and (sadly) don’t get to ride the merry-go-round much anymore, I have found myself experiencing that kind of exhilaration when I am in love or have a crush on someone. Sometimes you meet a person who just puts you out of balance but in the most glorious way. When he’s around, you can barely see or hear the world around you, everything is a blur and you seem to notice everything about him. And, of course, him sitting too close makes it seem like that merry-go-round is spinning faster and you swear he can hear the thud of your heartbeat. The aftermath of crossing paths with him is that, for a while, you don’t know which direction you’re going in and have to sort of ‘gather yourself’, while simultaneously waiting for the dizziness to wear off so you can (hopefully) bump into him again.

In terms of the production of the song, I felt as if the music really helped to explore a side of my voice that I really like. The sound is inspired by the funky, 80s dance music of the 80s and 90s, such as the music of Blackbox. It’s always interesting working with different sounds not only musically but knowing which side of my voice will work with a particular genre or sub-genre. As much as the song is vocally reminiscent of the old schoolhouse, the music itself has a powerful dubstep kick, and the combination of the vocals and music turn this into the ultimate party anthem for hopeless romantics.